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Welcome to the Domaine Saint Jean de Villecroze

Installed on the back country of the Riviera, in the VAr, Jean de Villecroze'sVineyard makes party of the most prestigious wine producers of Provence. The vintages of the Domaine are already several preceded times and medal-holders. A proud viticultural field to present its recent cellars to you where the fruits of his passion await you: Cabernet Sauvignon, Côte de Provence, Coteaux varois and White of White.

In the heart of Provence

The Domaine Saint Jean de Villacroze is nestled in the heart of Provence, halfway between Aix-en-Provence and Nice, approximately 50 km from Saint-Tropez. It covers an area of 80 hectares of hills, scattered with vineyards, olive trees, stone pines and truffle oaks woods.

Here the Mediterranean weather is mild and pleasant. Rainfalls are rare but heavy. An ancient Roman irrigation system, evidence of how agriculture has always been important for this region,   is still functioning to this day.   

Furthermore, a very charming chapel makes a perfect setting for the celebration of Saint-Jean (Saint John)’s day every year, the 24th June.

The vineyard’s geology

The Domaine Saint Jean’s vineyard now spreads over 28 hectares across three different sites. This variety of terroirs allows to deal with possible climate hazards (e.g. ice, hail) which generally do not affect all three sites at the same time. Two of them are situated in the Coteaux Varois en Provence A.O.P. area. The third is in the Côte de Provence A.O.P. area. Such diversity enables to meet customers’ expectations by providing an extremely interesting range of products.

Grapes varieties, which initially consisted of only Cabernet Sauvignon and Cinsault, have gradually expanded, incorporating the Syrah and the Grenache, followed by some white varieties (Sémillon, Ugni Blac, Sauvignon...).

The Cellars

The old 500  cellar was built in 1979 with a revolutionary design for the time. However, it was in fact during 2001 and 2002 that most of the renovation work to the property was carried out.

Important adjustments were made to the old cellar, including the creation of a small ageing cellar for white wines, a reception hall for visitors and, more importantly, a fabulous wine-tasting room. From the latter, it is possible to admire the big ageing room, crossed by a rivulet, as well as the cellar with its stainless steel tanks.

It is also during this time that the second cellar (the new cellar) was built, just under 1000 . Used as storage for bottled wine, it is partly build into the side of the hill in order to maintain the temperature constant both in summer and in winter.

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