The varieties

White Wine Vines

Le Rolle ( Vermentino)

It has always been grown in Provence. It is a hardy plant of great quality and produces a fine-bodied wine, rich in citrus and pear aromas. It ages well in barriques.


It is a Provence vine with a quite low yield, though the bunches are large. It produces a robust wine rich in aromas.

Ugny Blanc

It is an old Provencal vine. It produces fine, fruity, straw-coloured wine. These qualities have been enhanced by modern wine-making techniques.


This vine is not commonly grown in Provence, but it is interesting because of its hyacinth aromas.


It has a good yield but is prone to root rot. It gives elegance and aroma to the wines it is blended with.

Vines for Red and Rosè Wines

Domaine Saint Jean grows for its reds and rosès: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Cabernet Sauvignon. The last two were the first to be grown on the Domaine. Cabernet Sauvignon produces red Vin du Pays 100% mono-variety and has a really prestigious list of prizes.

Le Cabernet Sauvignon

It is the most widespread vine in the world, but is not common in Provence. It is not particularly demanding and gives high quality wine, rich in tannin, with a blackcurrant aroma and a magnificent ruby-red colour. In short it produces a great wine. In Provenece it is substituted by Mourvedre, which is rather difficult to age away from coastal areas.


It is a typical vine in coastal areas. It has small grapes and gives well-balanced colour and taste. It develops its aroma and roundness with age.


This is also a typical vine of coastal areas. It is essentially rosè, rich in aromas and ideal for blending.


This is a very common vine in Provence. It can be eaten or used for producing wine for blending. It gives strength, freshness and fruitiness top other wines.


This is a Maditerranean vine used to enrich other wines with its structure and colour. It has a small yield.


Its high tannin concentration and capacity to age results in a wine with hints of vanilla and red fruit.


It is the base of Provencal wine production. It is resistant and not very demanding. It is indispensable in Cotes de Provence. It gives strength and breadth besides all the other qualities of a high-quality wine.


It is exclusive to the ADC "Bellet". It has little colour but is rich in rose scented aromas.

Folle Noir

It is also part of "Bellet" and rich in red fruit aromas.


It is a typical vine of the area of Aix, Palette and Castet and is picked early.