Thanks to the vine grower’s hard work and all the improvements he has carried out, today the vine has developed from a simple bush into a well-structured plant perfectly integrated with Mediterranean climatic conditions.



The sap begins to rise and the vine starts to bleed at the pruning cuts. The buds begin to show leaf and the first bunches of blossom form..

May - June

The shoots start growing. This rapid growth is held in check by trimming. At the beginning of June all the vines blossom and numerous parasites appear (insects, fungi, etc) which must be fought with chemicals. Luckily the Mistral is a good ally. Another trimming is carried out to eliminate surplus growth on the main stem and excessive leaves on the fruiting laterals and lastly weeding.



The growing period is completed by thinning the bunches in order to lighten the vines and improve grape quality; removal of leaves to favour ripening in the sun. Day by day the grapes are enriched with tanning, mineral salts and above all with sugar. The sugar content is all important to establish when picking should begin. Nowadays wine making is subject to several Customs laws:.

End of July

declaration of existing stock in the cellars.


End of November

declaration of the crop (so as to know future stock of wines in the cellar).

End of every month

declaration of wine sold in the bottle and in bulk.

End of the year

declaration of new machinery, uprooted vines and vine varieties.



pruning; Hoeing to remove weeds and favour rainwater penetration.